Custom 1:12 Scale FLEXIBLE Black Tactical Vest Armor Gear for GI JOE Classified and Marvel Legends




This FLEXIBLE Tactical Armor Vest is a great way to add some flavor and customization to your action figures. FLEXIBLE, yet durable and STRONG! The flexibility gives you control and freedom, allowing you to fit the vest over most 6 inch GI JOE/ Marvel Legends figure body types.

And because it is injection molded (NOT 3D Printed), its strength and tear resistant, rubber-like characteristic makes it far more forgiving than most “3d printed flexible” parts.

Injection molded and assembled in our M-A-D shop with high quality TPV “FLEX” rubber-like plastic.

Comes with assembled Tactical Vest Armor. PLEASE NOTE, ammo pouches on vest are NON-FUNCTIONAL. They cannot be removed.

A “HOW-TO” Installation video is available on our YouTube Channel here:

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE DISASSEMBLE YOUR FIGURE and TAKE OFF the ARMS and SHOULDERS BEFORE putting on the tactical vest accessory. Failure to do so will risk tearing the vest (it will only stretch so far). You can use the “boil and pop” method or “heat with hair dryer” method for disassembling the arms and shoulders.

PLEASE NOTE: Once arms and shoulders are removed, vest should easily slide onto the figure’s torso.

PLEASE NOTE: Vest is designed to fit GI JOE Classified figures with smaller body types (Beach Head, Firefly, Duke, Flint, etc), Marvel Legends Punisher, or any other figures similar in size. DO NOT try to fit with GI JOE figures with bigger bodies, such as Gung-Ho and/or Roadblock.

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow up to 10 Business Days for us to process and fulfill your order.

(1x) 1:12 Scale Tactical Vest Body Armor Accessory (TYPE 1 BLK)

CHOKING HAZARD. Contains small parts. Not intended for children under 12 YRS of age.