1/12 Scale 6-Inch Action Figure Weapons – Custom Bulk Orders

There was a fellow who contacted us through eBay one time asking us if we provide CUSTOM BULK ORDERS for our 1/12 Scale Action Figure Weapons and Guns. He was requesting a specific quantity for each of the guns he wanted for his figures. I clearly remember this HUGE custom bulk order because it was one of our biggest sale transactions to date. Some of the guns (and quantities of each) he wanted are as follows:

AK-47 (30 PCS)

AK-47 with Grenade Launcher (30 PCS)

M4 with Silencer (30 PCS)

M4 With Grenade Launcher (30 PCS)

Tactical Shotgun (30 PCS)

9mm Pistol (30 PCS)


Uzi SMG (30 PCS)


After a bit of messaging back and forth, we were able to offer $450 flat with FREE SHIPPING, for all 240 pieces. After doing the math, it worked out to be about $1.88 per piece. Not a bad deal for someone who was looking to buy in bulk.

I soon discovered that the buyer was also an eBay seller. He sells custom made 1/12 scale 6-inch action figures. Basically, he would put parts and pieces from different action figures (Marvel Legends, GI JOE, etc.) together, and make a newly custom designed figure out of that.

He wanted to have his figures come with custom weapons when he sold them on eBay, but did not want to spend a fortune on them either. He reached out to us at Mini Arms Depot and we were able to work out a deal. By placing a custom bulk order, the buyer was able to save money and provide a pack of weapons for each of the figures to be sold.

At Mini Arms Depot (M-A-D), we are capable of providing such service to small business owners or hobbyists. Since then, we’ve had a number of similar requests, where the buyers wanted a custom bulk order for their custom made 1/12 scale 6-inch action figures. And not all of them were folks who wanted to have custom weapons to go along with the figures they wanted to sell. Some were just die-hard collectors and simply wanted to provide weapons and accessories for their collection.

So ,if you are in need of weapons, guns, and accessories for your 1/12 scale 6-inch action figures, contact us today and send a request for a CUSTOM BULK ORDER. Simply include in your message which weapons you would like from our inventory and the quantity for each. You can view our available weapons, guns and accessories on our eBay store here. From there, we can send you a quote for the price and once agreed, we will make a private listing for you on eBay for purchase.