Custom 1:12 Sci-Fi Wall Background Scenery Diorama Prop Set

Take your SCI-FI diorama project to the next level with this Custom 1:12 Scale Sci-Fi Diorama Wall Background Scenery Set! Measuring at 14″ x 12″ x 11″ (LxWxH), this set will give your next dio an instant Science-Fiction look and feel. It can certainly work well with custom Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Dragon Ball Z, Aliens, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination! You can get the Sci-Fi Wall Background Scenery Diorama Prop Set for the 1:12 scales HERE. And best of all, the set will come 90% … Read more

Custom 1:12 Command Center Computer Station Diorama Prop Set

If you do a lot of SCI-FI style dioramas and customs, you may want to consider picking up our Custom 1:12 Scale Command Center Computer Station Set The set is 100% compatible with GI JOE Classified, Marvel Legends, Mezco, and other 1:12 scale figures similar in size. Comes packed with accessories that will help you complete any SCI-FI, Mission Control or Briefing Room displays! The set comes with the following: 1x Table 6x Computer monitors with decals 3x Computer Monitor Stands 4x computer towers 1x Operator’s chair The best part is, this set will ship out assembled! Start playing/displaying the … Read more

NEW RELEASE – Custom 1:12 COBRA Bunker Battle Station Diorama Prop Set

The Custom 1:12 COBRA Bunker Battle Station Diorama Prop Set is now available on our web store! The first 2 sets have a SPECIAL PROMO Pricing, and you’ll automatically receive $40 OFF normal price! 100% compatible and scaled to work with GI JOE Classified figures,  this is a PERFECT addition for your COBRA troopers and army builds! It measures approximately 11 inches in diameter and about 8.5 in tall. This set comes fully LOADED with accessories, making this bunker ready for battle. Here’s what’s included: 1x COBRA Bunker (some assembly required) 3x Bunker Machine Guns with Armor Shield (machine guns … Read more

New M-A-D Web Store NOW OPEN for Business

Hey all! Our new web store is now open for business and ready to take orders. More products are arriving daily, so be on the look out. Please note, some of our popular products will no longer be available on other platforms like Ebay and Etsy. Starting  FEB 1, 2024,  they will only be available for purchase solely from our website store. Go to “SHOP NOW” on the main menu above, and you can select from the options. The VERY POPULAR Mission Control Briefing Room Set, Lab Chamber and Machine Gun Defense Bunker are in the 1:12 Diorama Props section. … Read more

Custom 1:12 Scale GI JOE Classified Humvee Vehicle Accessory


Our 1:12 Scale Custom Humvee Military Vehicle is now available for purchase at our eBay and Etsy store. The Custom Humvee scales well with 6-inch GI JOE Classified and Marvel legends figures. With fully functional doors and wheels, it’s a must have accessory for GI JOE and Legends enthusiasts!   GI JOE Classified figures fit perfectly inside, and gives them an instant “cool” and “awesome” factor on display.     The custom Humvee is 3D-Printed and fully assembled in-house. Asking price is $67.95 (plus shipping to your location. And with a price tag that low, it’s no wonder that the … Read more

Custom 1:12 Scale Gun Display Rack Diorama Accessory

Gun Rack

NEW RELEASE!!! The MAD 1:12 Scale Modular Gun Display Rack System. If you’re looking to build your own “war room” or “armory” style diorama for your GI JOE Classified and Marvel Legends figures, you definitely want this gun rack as a part of your custom display. With 3 different versions to choose from, you can pick which gun rack system is for you. Please visit our eBay or Etsy store to view the variations available. The gun rack comes equipped with rack hooks to hang your custom weapons. Both single and double hooks are available, and the double hooks allow … Read more

He-Man MOTU Custom Weapons and Accessories

I HAVE THE POWERRRRR!!!!!!!!! I love that line! As a young boy, that was what drew my attention to the He-Man TV Series. After watching a few episodes, I was hooked. From there, all I wanted for toys were He-Man MOTU Action Figures. Fast forward 30 years. I am married to my beautiful wife of 13 years, we have a 10-year-old beautiful daughter together, and I still want He-Man MOTU action figures! Still a kid at heart and I don’t think that will ever go away. The only difference this time around is that I like to make custom weapons … Read more

Custom GI JOE Classified Tactical Vest with Holster and Pistol

Custom Military Tactical vest

Custom 1:12 GI JOE Tactical Vest with Holster and Pistol Set One of my personal favorite accessories when it comes to military-style action figures is the tactical vest. The MAD Custom 1:12 scale Tactical Vest is designed specifically for 6-inch GI JOE Classified figures. However, it can also work for action figures from other brands that are similar in size. The vest is best suited for GI JOE Classified figures with “smaller” bodies, such as Duke, Flint, Snake Eyes, etc. It is not recommended for JOEs with bigger bodies like Gung-Ho, Roadblock, etc. The set comes with an attached fully … Read more

Custom Wrestling Action Figure Accessories

custom belt

Custom Wrestling Action Figure Accessories are HERE! We’re excited to announce that custom wrestling action figure accessories are now available for sale in our eBay store. Starting with our first release, custom wrestling title belts are now available. These are “blank” custom title belts that allow users to create their own design. Paint and design them however you want! As usual, like most of the products we sell, these belts are also injection molded. This means they are super strong and sturdy. However, they are also flexible and made from rubber-like plastic material. This gives you maximum freedom and control. … Read more

Why do you customize your figures?

I’ve always found it intriguing what drives collectors and hobbyists to customize their action figures. Some do it for pure fun and pleasure. Others do it for the glory of bragging rights, and some do it because they are unsatisfied with the original figure. For me, my journey in customizing figures started by pure accident. I used to be a re-seller of custom and collectible action figure toys. I would buy them low, usually in large lots and bulks, then piece them out and sell them high for a profit. Most of these lots contained random pieces, and the original … Read more