Custom GI JOE Classified Tactical Vest with Holster and Pistol

Custom 1:12 GI JOE Tactical Vest with Holster and Pistol Set

One of my personal favorite accessories when it comes to military-style action figures is the tactical vest.

The MAD Custom 1:12 scale Tactical Vest is designed specifically for 6-inch GI JOE Classified figures. However, it can also work for action figures from other brands that are similar in size. The vest is best suited for GI JOE Classified figures with “smaller” bodies, such as Duke, Flint, Snake Eyes, etc. It is not recommended for JOEs with bigger bodies like Gung-Ho, Roadblock, etc.

The set comes with an attached fully functional chest holster and a modern 9mm style pistol handgun. What we mean by a fully functional is that the pistol can be put on and removed from the holster.

With a unique “slip-on” style application, our custom GI JOE tactical vest is very easy to put on. Simply slide the vest over your figure’s head, and if your figure is the correct size, the vest should simply slip-on to place. We do recommend to remove the figure’s head to make the application much easier, but depending on your figure’s size, it may not be necessary.

Check it out today and place your order. These are 3D Printed so we do not keep many in stock. You can find them in both our eBay store and ETSY store.


5x Non-functional front ammo pouches

1x Big Non-functional gear pouch

1x Fully Functional Chest Holster

1x Modern 9mm handgun pistol

3D Printed


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