Custom 1:12 Scale Gun Display Rack Diorama Accessory


The MAD 1:12 Scale Modular Gun Display Rack System. If you’re looking to build your own “war room” or “armory” style diorama for your GI JOE Classified and Marvel Legends figures, you definitely want this gun rack as a part of your custom display.

With 3 different versions to choose from, you can pick which gun rack system is for you. Please visit our eBay or Etsy store to view the variations available.

The gun rack comes equipped with rack hooks to hang your custom weapons. Both single and double hooks are available, and the double hooks allow you to place two guns in front of each other, saving more space on the rack.

And as already mentioned, the gun rack is modular by design. This allows you to place the hooks wherever you would like on the rack, thus making it possible to accommodate any kind of weapon or guns you wish to be hanged and displayed.

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See you all there, and God Bless!