How to 3D print custom 1/12 guns and weapons for your GI JOE Classified figures

I will show you how we 3D print our own custom 1:12 scale weapons in this how-to article. You can follow along and learn how to do it yourself with your own 3D printer. This will save you money in the long run, and you’ll have the ability to make new weapons on demand. 3D printers have given us the flexibility to make prototypes on the fly. Although our custom weapons are injection molded, we 3D print them initially for testing and fitting before making the aluminum mold in our CNC machine. This ensures the weapons are within the expected … Read more

Why do custom GI JOE weapons and accessories cost so much?

Why do custom action figure weapons and accessories cost so much? If you have been in the game of collecting and customizing action figures, you may have been asking this very same question for quite some time. You may soon realize that “custom” accessories can cost money if you’re just starting out. Sometimes, they even cost more than the figure itself! So why do custom action figure weapons and accessories cost so much? They are made from plastic which usually doesn’t cost much at all. And, you’re probably thinking with the technology available today, vendors can easily manufacture the pieces … Read more

Can you make custom 1:12 scale action figure weapons and accessories with a 3D Printer?

Can you make custom 1:12 scale action figure weapons and accessories with a 3D Printer? In a nutshell, the answer is an astounding YES! Since toy accessories are typically made from plastic, 3D printers can undoubtedly make custom 1:12 weapons and accessories. Because they’re easy to use and very affordable, 3D Printers give us easy access to start making our own accessories and props. And with websites that offer FREE 3D Print designs like Thingiverse, GrabCAD, and MyMiniFactory, it’s no wonder why most are jumping on the bandwagon.  You get instant benefits when you 3D print your own custom 1/12 … Read more

WIN a FREE 8-PIECE Weapons Pack Set

WIN a FREE 8-PIECE Weapons Pack Set! Now that the Spring Sale Event Sale (40% OFF) is officially over, I want to forward my humble thanks to all of you who made a purchase from our eBay store. I hope you were able to stock up on weapons and accessories during the sale! The next BIG SALE is in JUNE 2022. And it will be 40% – 45% OFF on selected items. So, stay tuned for that. If you missed out on the Spring Sale Event, don’t sweat it. You still have a chance to snag a great deal! Sign … Read more

MAD SPRING SALE EVENT IS HERE – 40% OFF on select items and sets

Head over to our eBay store now and stock up on 1:12 scale weapons, guns and accessories. Perfect time to get rid of the stock weapons that originally came with your figures and replace them with custom realistic looking guns. Sale is for 10 DAYS ONLY and WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! There won’t be another sale this big for a while so hurry and head over to our eBay store now! If you collect and customize GI JOE Classified Series, Marvel Legends, NECA, Mezco, McFarlane, etc., you would not want to miss out on this sale! Also, don’t forget to subscribe … Read more

1/12 Scale 6-Inch Action Figure Weapons – Custom Bulk Orders

There was a fellow who contacted us through eBay one time asking us if we provide CUSTOM BULK ORDERS for our 1/12 Scale Action Figure Weapons and Guns. He was requesting a specific quantity for each of the guns he wanted for his figures. I clearly remember this HUGE custom bulk order because it was one of our biggest sale transactions to date. Some of the guns (and quantities of each) he wanted are as follows: AK-47 (30 PCS) AK-47 with Grenade Launcher (30 PCS) M4 with Silencer (30 PCS) M4 With Grenade Launcher (30 PCS) Tactical Shotgun (30 PCS) … Read more

Spring Sale Event – 40% OFF Select Custom Accessories

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! We are having one of our biggest sale events of the year. Most items in our inventory will be 40% OFF, and yes, SHIPPING IS FREE AS ALWAYS!!! This is the best time to stock up on your 1:12 – 1:10 scale weapons and accessories for your figures. There won’t be another sale this big for a while and it is only for a one-week duration. Sale starts early morning on APRIL 15, 2022 and will end late evening APRIL 25, 2022. Most accessories that will be on sale are the injection molded pieces. Basically, it will … Read more

Action Figure Guns that Don’t Really Look Like Guns?

You may have purchased figures in the past that came with gun accessories that don’t really look like guns. There’s no need to look very far to see exactly what I’m talking about. If you collect GI JOE Classified figures, you probably opened your figure out of the box with excitement, only to be disappointed by how the so-called “guns” that came with it, are supposed to be “guns”. For example, when I got the “Duke” figure from the GI JOE Classified Series line, I was so excited to get the 6-inch, updated and more modern version of the original … Read more

Action Figure Accessories – Injection Molded or 3D Printed? PART 2

In the previous article, I went over the PROS and advantages of injection molded parts when compared to 3D Printed ones. In this article, let’s go over the CONS and disadvantages. As the saying goes, ‘There is an equal opposing force to everything.” DISADVANTAGES OF INJECTION MOLDED PARTS DISADVANTAGE #1 – COST This may contradict the number one reason in the previous article. In that article, I mentioned that one of the main reasons why injection molding is advantageous is because of its low cost. On the opposite side of that however, injection molded parts can also have some very … Read more

Action Figure Accessories – Injection Molded or 3D Printed?

If you customize action figures, you may have already purchased custom “3D PRINTED” parts and accessories from sellers on auction sites like eBay, Mercari, ETSY, etc. How did you like the product? Was it up to your standards?  What about the price? Did you feel like you paid a fair price, or was it too expensive in your opinion? How about the turnaround shipping time? Did it arrive rather quickly or did you have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail? And finally, how about the overall rigidity of the item? Was it strong and sturdy that … Read more